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About Us

First things first. We love God. We are a Christian family and we base everything in our life on His Word and instruction for our lives. Second, we love coffee. And more importantly we love seeing the smile on the face of someone that just tasted our passion for coffee. Our mottos is, 

"Sharing His goodness one cup at a time."

Our journey of coffee began much like many others I suppose. Coffee was something hot to drink when it was cold outside. Doctor it up with some creamer and sugar and it could pass as ok.  Then during a lifestyle change we were "forced" to see life from a different viewpoint.  

We were introduced to the taste differences in food when it was prepared with fresh ingredients and through different cooking methods. We started to see the same thing with other things...including coffee. We went from bulk grocery store coffee to buying from a coffee roaster. Over time we found the deeper flavor from a whole bean and soon after we purchased a french press. In 2014 we met the Luis and Sam Moya family and a friendship was made.  That same summer we had the opportunity to meet Sam’s dad Mark Berry founder of Blind Dog Coffee and another friendship was formed with he and his wife Robin.  When the decision was made to open the coffee trailer we immediately knew we’d serve our customers  Blind Dog Coffee since that’s what we had been enjoying at home since 2014.  In preparation of opening our business we spent several days in Gardnerville, Nevada where we met Ian and Yuliya Berry and the staff at Blind Dog Coffee.  There we had the opportunity to train on the equipment our trailer is set up with, experience our first cupping and all the flavors that a coffee bean can produce.  


We are proud to serve Blind Dog Coffee based out of Gardnerville, Nevada. Blind Dog Coffee Roasting company was established in 2007, by founder and Master Roaster Mark Berry in Reno Nevada. Mark started roasting coffee while going blind. Just one year later by the fall of his 49th birthday he was completely blind. No longer able to earn a living in the horse world, Mark decided to follow his passion in coffee instead and in doing this Blind Dog Coffee was born. Working side by side with his partners & family for several years Mark decided it was his time to retire and his family still kept full ownership . Still clinging tight to the core values Mark had set in place; always wanting to offer our customers a specialty high quality coffee at a fair price and being able to give back to the community especially the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation since this was something near and dear to his heart.


Although we've never had the opportunity to meet this family in person they've been a wealth of knowledge in regard's to the tea world and we love what their company represents and the high quality of product they offer.

Little Prayer Tea Co is a family-owned business based out of Normandy Park, Wa. Our company was founded in 2017 with a firm belief that prayer can heal, comfort, bring joy, love, and strength to all, and in a parallel way, we believe tea has the same characteristics. As prayer offers spiritual health, tea offers physical health. We decided to construct our business with the mission of prayer, tea, and giving back to the communitea.

We have been so blessed to taste all sorts of tea from around the globe and meet so many wonderful people. So here it is, Little Prayer Tea Company, a small family-owned business where we would like to offer a little prayer for each and every one of you.


Introduced to Davidson’s Organics based out of Reno, Nevada from our friends at Blind Dog Coffee we’re happy to provide our customers with a high quality hot tea and iced tea from a long established business.  To learn more about tea, the products they offer & their business head over to their website.

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